Basic Blogger Training

Successfully Completed Basic Blogger Training. The main objective of the training was to familiarize the participant with Blog & Blogging technology. The participates were able to create and publish their own blog. We hope them all the best for future Blogging. Happy Blogging.

Special Thanks to Lumbini Net Pvt. Ltd. for providing the Internet for this Training & Birat College for Professional Studies for providing the Room.

Trainer:   Madan Krishna Pradhan

Helping Hands:
  1. Suman Rai
  2. Punam Giri
  1. Insaf Pokharel
  2. Prabha Shrestha
  3. Simran Shrestha
  4. Madhu Khatewoda
  5. Aniket Gupta
  6. Manish Shah
  7. Harsh Dhakal
  8. Basistha Nepal
  9. Bijaya Nepal
  10. Niti Bhandari
  11. Jinesh Subedi

Since we believe in Accountability, here is the expenditure sheet for entire program. 
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