Public Speaking workshop

September 12 Saturday
Seventy two youths from different Colleges of Biratnagar gathered in American Corner in  Public Speaking Workshop. The objective of the program was
- To aspire the youth to come out their comfort zone and develop their personality.
-  To create the platform to improve their public speaking
- To educate the youth to be analytical coming out of their class room.
The program officially kicked off at 10:30 am with the Director of B.F.M, Mr. Sandesh Das Shrestha as our guest speaker. He elaborated on the basic tenets of Public Speaking. During his presentation he appealed the participants to apply more practical method and said that everybody had the potential to become a good speaker. He also stated that “A good Speaker is also a good reader” so youth should devout their minds to proper knowledge and concepts.

The audience responded enthusiastically to the speakers and engaged in the dynamic session following the presentations.
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