Gaveshana : The Research Workshop

Gaveshana: the research workshop finally became a reality on October 17, 2015. The three day research workshop was received warmly by the 25 participants who undertook this workshop zealously. The workshop began early morning at 6:15 am at Teen Paini, Biratnagar from where the entourage of students travelled halfway across Biratnagar on their Bicycles to a serene location in Pushpalal Chowk where majority of the sessions were done.

What did we do at Gaveshana?

Gaveshana is aimed at students who are willing to understand research and report writing. The participants were exposed to various aspects of research from Literature Surveying to creating hypothesis and problem identification. Sessions after session, new tasks were given to the students that required critical thinking. Various group activities were also conducted to instill team building spirit. They were also made to conduct data collections that included field work session which was physically demanding activity. The first day workshop was 8 hour long by the end of which the participants had collected data and identified the problem. The next two days were dedicated to preparing report and final report submission on 19th of October.

Resource Persons: 
•    Abhinayak Malla
•    Shashi Gyawali
  • Madan Krishna Pradhan
  • Suman Rai
  • Sarwagya Raj Pandey
  • Punam Giri
  • Srijana Acharya
  • Ralph Giri


1.    Prabhu Krishna Poudel
2.    Yadav Adhikari
3.    Khagendra rajbanhsi
4.    Sadichchha Bhandari
5.    Tajana Nepal
6.    Annanta Das
7.    Keshav Lamichhane
8.    Mausam Babu Dhakal
9.    Praja Adhikari
10.    Pariwartan Dhakal
11.    Rohit Agrawal
12.    Asmita Poudel
13.    Surajan Adhikari
14.    Kiran Poudel
15.    Bivek Adhikari
16.    Harsh Dhakal
17.    Aniket Gupta
18.    Prem Raj Pandey
19.    Shubham Dhakal
20.    Menuka Neupane
21.    Uthkristha Shah
22.    Sauharda Karki
23.    Sujan Dahal
24.    Sarmash Banskota
25.    Binod Chaudhary

By the end of three days, the four groups in the workshop submitted their report and paper presentation. We hope them all the best for future research. 

Since we believe in Accountability, here is the expenditure sheet for entire program :
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