Program & Activities

Speakers Corner

A Weekly Mock Seminar session every Saturday , 2 PM @ Birat College for Professional Studies. Speakers Corner is a session loosely modeled after the famous Toastmasters Club’s format. Each sessions lasts 2 hours and involves a number of speaker roles involving as many as 18 speakers. It aims at improving the overall personality of an individual. It is an open event where anyone can participate.

Parliamentary Debate Club

PDC as acronym, is a Weekly Parliamentary Debate Sessions held every Friday, 2 PM at Birat College for Professional Studies. PDC is based on the Asian Format which is one of the famous debating format followed World over. Each session features a government side and an opposition side consisting of 6 speakers. A panel of adjudicators adjudge the winning side. It is an open event where anyone can participate.

Elevator’s Pitch Competition

EPC as acronym, is a monthly competition where every participants are given one minute to pitch their Ideas on a given topic. The winners are awarded accordingly.

Idea Factory

Idea Factory is an informal weekly session held every Wednesday at 4 PM. The session involves discussing new Ideas that can be implemented in near future. The participants, new and old, are encouraged to pitch and discuss new Ideas. It is an open event.


Gaveshana is an innovative two day seasonal workshop on fact finding. It's one of its kind workshop that aims at developing research aptitude in students by exposing them to various techniques of fact finding and presenting a report. The workshop first opened for registration on October 8, 2015 for its first season.