Speakers Corner- Premier Session

The first session of Speakers Corner was held on September 27, 2015 in association with Biratnagar college for Professional Studies. Speakers Corner is a weekly Mock seminar session organized by Biratnagar Students for Ideas. The main objective of these weekly sessions is to enhance the personality development of the participants. The program is modeled after Toastmasters format which is an internationally renowned group. As many as 12 speakers role are available on each session.

In the first session, Ms Shibika was the master of ceremony (MC). She started the session with the permission of the Chairpersons, Mr Rahul and Mr Prabin. The self-decided speaker for the session, Ms Simran spoke about Women right. She talked about the atrocities faced by women in various strata of society. Mr Shashank was the analytical speaker for Ms Simran. He pointed out that while Ms Simran spoke about the legitimate issues faced by women, she overlooked various positive development in the field of women rights. The self decided speaker for the session was Mr Sarwagya who spoke about Creating Ideas and the ways in which ideas can be generated. The analytical speaker for Sarwagya, Mr Shrey analyzed it as a positive speech. The impromtu speaker for the session was Ms Bijaya who had to speak on "Smoking Zone in College" which was crowd-sourced. The analytical speaker for Ms Bijaya was Mr Ramit who analyzed her on a lighter note in very delightful and humorous manner. The grammarian for the session was Ms Prabha while Master Sachin served as the time keeper. Mr Nikhil was the body language checker for the session and Ms Saddiccha was the ahh pause counter. Mr Ashutosh was the tail twister for the session who also entertained all by sharing some jokes.

The session was 90 minutes long and was very interactive with observers equally participating by raising questions to the various speakers. The session ended by assigning speaker roles to the various participants for the next session to be held next Saturday. In all over 30 students from over 15 institutes and organizations attended the session.

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