Parliamentary Debate

Lets meet at Parliamentary debate for an intense session of debating every Friday. Parliamentary debate is a weekly Debate session based on Asians Parliamentary debate format which is internationally followed format of debate. Student for Ideas has come up with this initiative for the first time in Biratnagar. The debate session is conducted in association with Birat College for Professional Studies (BCPS) every Friday at 2 pm.

The format involves two side namely Government and Opposition. Each side consist of 3 members. The speakers on the government side are Prime Minister, Deputy Prime minister and Government Whip. The speakers on the opposition are Leader of Opposition, Deputy Leader of Opposition and Opposition whip. A motion is decided once the team is formed and they are given 15 minutes to prepare after which each speakers are given five minutes to present their case.

The are at most five members in the panel of adjudicators who analyze the debate and give a verdict at the end. This panel is headed by a Chairperson.